iTypeFastR 1.1.2 for OS3 is now in Cydia (via BigBoss repo)


The software is out! Only upgrade to 1.2.1 if you are on OS3.

check in Cydia under keybaords. Or check it out on TheBigBoss:

Changes we made:

- Keys:
- We removed some of the smileys on the numeric screen, to be able to make the ’spacebar’ bigger again, after your requests

- We improved a lot in the landscape keyboard, which we expect will be used more in the OS3. LEt us know what you think!

- Graphics:
- We polished the graphics a bit

24 Responses to “iTypeFastR 1.1.2 for OS3 is now in Cydia (via BigBoss repo)”

  1. John says:

    i’m on 3.0, just installed it, but i don’t see the globe to turn it on. and also i don’t the itypefastr icon on the springboard. i did repring and reboot the phone.

  2. Joshua says:

    THANK YOU ! I have successfully installed it on the OS 3.0. It has been a long and painful wait but it’s worth it !

  3. Sean says:

    It appears that in landscape mode, while viewing the letter keyboard, the button to take you to the numeric/symbols keyboard, which should say ‘123′, in fact says ‘abc’.

  4. R.S Minhas says:

    i’m on 3.0, just installed it, otherwise it works fine but when i press the globe it shows a small peel-off on the left hand top side with the Original Keypad in the background, but as soon as you take your finger off the globe, the peel-off falls back. How to revert back to original keyboard or any other keyboard If installed.

  5. Steve says:

    Just downloaded on a free trial basis, not having tried this before. Takes some getting used to, but has merit. I’m concerned that now “auto capitalization is disabled. Avoiding extra keystrokes should be the goal here, and that is a big miss in my opinion.

  6. Steve says:

    Nice idea, but I would like core iphone functionality back: Auto Caps, Auto Correct, etc. Is this coming in a future version?



  7. scoobyman says:

    Great application! Installed on jailbroken 3GS but could not restart springboard after successful installation so had to reset device, reboot and all is well now!

  8. cue says:

    needs auto correct functionality

  9. DAH says:

    I also have a 3GS, 32 GB unit. It downloaded, and reported as installing successfully, when I attempted to restart springboard I got a wait symbol, that would not stop spinning (even after 5 minutes) I needed to hold down the home button and power until the unit shut off. Then release the home button and hold the power, till it started again. I got the Apple logo, and again waited…. As nothing happened. Once again holding down the home button and the power button until the unit restarts and this time completes the reboot. iTypeFastR is then installed, and working. I see the first letter in a sentence capitalized, when I finish the word, the uncapitalized word is replaced, it is different than the standard keyboard but it happens the same. I suspect you do not have any 3GS users on your beta team? I think you need one or two. If you are interested email me.

  10. blubbs says:

    hey can you please insert Ä Ü Ö ß for germany writing !!!!
    i have buy but i cant use it becous i need this sines …

  11. Scott says:

    I am still on 2.2.1 and don’t plan on updating to 3.0 anytime soon because of all of the bugs.

    Why can’t I get the update for 2.2.1?

  12. admin says:

    The main changes on the 1.2.1 is the OS3 compatibility. What other feature do you miss, or would you want?

  13. duc says:

    I am still having issue with skype crashing when placing a call. I am using itypefastr 1.1.2 installed in Cydia.

    What is the the latest version btw? The website site says 1.2.1 but Cydia has it as 1.1.2.

  14. WJS says:

    Love the keyboard but found two flaws.

    1. Auto cap is missing but the iPhone auto-correct catches it most time.
    2. When typing in Gmail via Safari, ALL auto-correction is missing when using this keyboard. If I switch to the normal keyboard the auto-correction comes back. I also use Inspell for spell checking and that feature in this situation is missing when using this keyboard. So it seems using this keyboard and not the iPhone keyboard in some Google products disables any auto-correction (and Inspell).

  15. walt savic says:

    i love this app but with the new version i always have trouble hittn the h button alot now

  16. fernando says:

    I’ve just got the latest version but I don’t see how to work with accents and charactes like ‘ñ’

  17. Big L says:

    Could you please switch the “L” button with the “Backspace” button like stock keyboard layout?

  18. Alex A. says:

    Hey great app! But for some reason it does not work when entering URLs in Safari. Strangely it does work when browsing websites.

  19. Hugo D says:

    I love this program but without the autocorrect feature it is almost useless to me. I hope this gets fixed real soon, it really is a great product except for that.

  20. Carlos G. says:

    Mi 3G is crashing Skype when I install ITypefastr. I soon as I uninstall it, Skype works again.

  21. admin says:

    Hi, Skype IN COMBINATION WITH VoipOver3G crashes iTypeFastR. It is not Skype in combination with iTypeFastR.
    Only in combination with Voipover3G it has issues, like other software as well has issues with voipover3g

  22. duc says:

    I, also am having issue with skype. I am using 3G unrestrictor. Didn’t ver1.3 fix this?

  23. chillum says:

    No auto caps or auto correct is a huge miss. needs to be fixed soon. why is this an issue? i dont understand why it cant be a possiblity.

    also there is a version 1.31 in the cydia repo. i see no mention of this on this website.

  24. DuneMan says:

    Upon installing the latest version in Cydia (from BigBoss) on a freshly jailbroken 3.1os iPhone 3G, the cydia installer is reporting “Bus Error” from the iTypeFastR installation script (that is, Cydia isn’t segfaulting, but the script is). This is the case for all the versions in Cydia.

    It’s worth mentioning that Cydia and Icy list the versions as “1.1.2″ and “1.1.3″ — not 1.2.x, although both say “3.x only” and the package tag is “itypefastr3″.

    The 3.1 jailbreak was released less than 12 hours ago, so not sure if there’s some new work to be done or not. Anyone else seeing this on 3.1 or 3.0?

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