iTypeFastR 1.1.3 for OS3 is now in Cydia (via BigBoss repo)

Some small gliches fixed, and a notice remembering you when the trial is almst over. Nothing major. Upgrade for more stability and stuff.

2 Responses to “iTypeFastR 1.1.3 for OS3 is now in Cydia (via BigBoss repo)”

  1. Kevin says:

    Does this work with the new 3.1 firmware? Or is there one in the making? I have tried to download this on and it doesn’t do anything. I try and open up the app and it just closes and also the globe doesn’t show up in the keyboard. Thanks for the reply.

  2. admin says:

    The 1.1.3 version does not work with formware 3.1, but we are testing the new 1.1.4 version today which will be. Expect it in Cydia this week (week starting October 5th)

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