Improvements in version 1.1

Functional additions:
We added as much stuff as we could in a week, that you guys asked for in the Uservoice forum:

- We added ‘&’ on the numeric screen (slide up on ‘+’)
- We added ‘%’ on the numeric screen (slide up on ‘*’)
- We added ‘₤’ on the numeric screen (slide up on ‘€’)
- We added ‘^’, ‘~’ ‘|’ and ‘\’ while we were at it

- We added the emoticons :-( and :-p and :-s and ;-)

Keep giving us input, we’re looking if how and when we can add your other requests!

Bug fixes, etc.:

- We improved the cooperation with the Skype app
- We improved the third party support.

10 Responses to “Improvements in version 1.1”

  1. loren23 says:

    cydia still showing 1.0.7 When will 1.1 be available on Cydia? Hope the skype issues are fixed now so that I can use this really great new keyboard arrangement!!

  2. iFoneGooner says:

    Hi, working just dandy now I am on 1.1, awesome and well worth the $3.99 guys - keep up the great work ;-)

  3. loren 23 says:

    1.1 still crashes Skype Skype can log on and can use the skype dial pad for calls but the contacts list in skype causes immediate crash when a contact is selected. Hope this can be fixed as this is a way cool concept and would love to use it. Choice between Skype and 1.1 I have to go with Skype. Will be worth 3,99 if you can get it to work with Skype.

  4. admin says:

    Hi Loren,
    As I sent by mail: Skype and iTypeFastR, without any other apps, do not interfere in the current version. Having Mobile Substrate based Cydia apps (extensions) as well, makes the total package unstable. This isn’t a iTypeFastR vs Skype issue, but also has to do with the components.
    Saurik (the guys that created Cydia), explains it well in this post .

    So in short: in a clean jailbroken phone, with just iTypeFastR and Skype, you’ll have no issues. If you have more apps, for example Winterboard, the interaction to all of them can make it instable.

  5. Pokela says:

    I’m from the Netherlands, so what I’m dearly missing is the possibility to type accented characters, for example ë, é, ó etc. These characters are frequently used in Dutch. Would it not be possible to make these special characters available in e popup, after sliding on de vowal? Like in the original keyboard application of the iPhone. So that instead of only displaying the uppercast variant of a character after sliding up, the accented variants of the character would also be displayed - if available ofcourse.

    Second suggestion: auto typing by iTypefastr of a space after the comma, the period, the question mark or an exclamation mark. That would increase typing speed yet again, because you have to type less characters.

    I can only say that I like this application very much: it indeed does increase my typing speed. With the addition of the features I requested here I would even have to call iTypefastr excellent!

  6. Sloot says:

    I find that the enter key doesn’t work on the numeric page.

    A few other things:
    - the backspace in the middle of the letters catches me. I find I have missing letters when I aim for the letters around the backspace.
    - the tiny spacebar on the number page means I often get smiley faces instead of spaces. could all the smileys be off one button (like the accented characters on the regular keyboard)?
    - all the little buttons are on the right, and the big buttons are on the left. I know why this happened, but I find that it slows down right hand only typing since I need more dexterity when my thumb is bent in tight
    - I find that the autocorrectio is not as good, and sometimes makes crazy suggestions related to the case of the letters

    Very cool concept - I’m sure I will eventually register it, but I think I want to see the next version first.

  7. DR says:

    I second Sloot’s comment, particularly smileys… - I now get smileys all the time. Please, please, please condense those into one button and/or move/remove altogether - the older version worked much better for me in that area…!!!

  8. admin says:

    Hi Dmitri and Sloot,
    I will make a new version next week with more room for ’space’. I agree the space for smileys compared to Space is a bit too much now.


  9. Dmitri says:

    Thank you!

  10. Dmitri says:


    That “smiley fix” will be much appreciated, thank you!


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