Improvements in version 1.0.6

Today’s new version (of april 4th) 1.0.6 has the following improvements:

- When hitting the “.” on the WERTY screen and sliding up, the “,” is outputted
this way


- L : 3 pixels more at the bottom (coordinates file only)
because no letter was sometimes outputted when ‘l’ was meant
- b  5 pixels less at the bottom (coordinates files only)
because b and v where typed sometimes when ’space’ was meant
- V  3 pixels less at the bottom (coordinates files only)
because b and v where typed sometimes when ’space’ was meant
- N: 2     pixels less at the bottom (coordinates files only)
because n was typed sometimes when ’space’ was meant
- W & A: decreased the height of the W, added it to the top of the ‘a’.
because ‘w’ was typed sometimes when ‘a’ was meant
- ‘.’ Started the ‘.’ one pixel more to the right
because ‘.’ was typed sometimes when ’space’ was meant

Visual changes:
- better aligned “:-)” in pop up
- better aligned the “‘” pop up as a whole
- better aligned the ’space’ pop-up on the numeric keybaord screen
- highered the position of the “.” in the pop-up, so the change to “,” is better seen when sliding up.

6 Responses to “Improvements in version 1.0.6”

  1. le1t00 says:

    Hi ;)
    How can I add polish dictionary into iTypeFastR? So wich files I must copy and where?

  2. Edge says:

    So far I really like this keyboard, but there are a few things I’d like to see improved:

    I hate the sliding to get the comma. It’s slow and inefficient. I’d love both on the main screen but at the least the option to have the comma show up first and then slide for the period (you can always double space to get the period).

    Why is the backspace and L reversed. I am constantly hitting one for the other since they’re in the wrong space. Again maybe an option to change this would be nice.

    Finally, lose the animation between letters and numbers. It doesn’t look good, but worse it’s slow, and wastes time.

    I’m giving this keyboard a chance but so far it’s slower with many more typos than before.

  3. admin says:

    Hi, thanks for the input!
    I am thinking about the comma. MAybe I’ll turn it around: comma on click, period on slide.

  4. admin says:

    This issue is fixed with update 1.0.6-2. Please upgrade in Cydia (to 1.0.7 currently) and this will be fixed. And don’t worry: Upgrading does not change your status: if you got in the first 10k free users, you will still be able to use it for free.

  5. loren says:

    hi spoke[eMail] with you before just wondering if you are having any luck with fixing issue with Skype crashing when itypefastR is active thanks Loren

  6. admin says:

    Hi, I think we’ve fixed it. As long a you do not have any Mobile Substrate extenstions running. It will be up at Big Boss in a couple of hours. Let me know if it is as stable as with me.

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