3.0 compatible version on it’s way: ETA next monday (july 6th)

It’s taking a bit longer than expected, because ‘under the hood’ the whole keyboard is different. But the framework is ready, another keyboard (iAcces) is out that runs on it, so it’s well under way!

Sorry to keep you all waiting, hang on for a bit more!

5 Responses to “3.0 compatible version on it’s way: ETA next monday (july 6th)”

  1. David says:

    Oké, Stefan.

    thanks for the update!


  2. JKD says:

    Give it to me baby…lol…

  3. FogCityNative says:

    Boy, I sure do miss this application. I hope you can make the next release date; while we enjoy the BBQ and fireworks, you are I hope busily coding the thing . . .

    LOVE you app!! Simply BRILLIANT and does what it claims to do.

  4. pad says:

    whats going on ? its now the 6th of july, wheres the update ? i need this tasta !:((

  5. Alanf says:

    Hi Stefan. I keep looking every hour. I’m getting better with this qwerty keyboard because I keep writing to you with it. This is the only app I’m waiting for. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr hurry the fk up. PLEASE.
    Alan in UK

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