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Improvements in version 1.1

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Functional additions:
We added as much stuff as we could in a week, that you guys asked for in the Uservoice forum:

- We added ‘&’ on the numeric screen (slide up on ‘+’)
- We added ‘%’ on the numeric screen (slide up on ‘*’)
- We added ‘₤’ on the numeric screen (slide up on ‘€’)
- We added ‘^’, ‘~’ ‘|’ and ‘\’ while we were at it

- We added the emoticons :-( and :-p and :-s and ;-)

Keep giving us input, we’re looking if how and when we can add your other requests!

Bug fixes, etc.:

- We improved the cooperation with the Skype app
- We improved the third party support.

We reached 20.000 users!

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Wow, we just reached 20.00 users! Not downloads, which also counts upgrades, but 20.000 unique device ID’s which installed iTypeFastR. Another miletone. YEAH!!!

1.06-2 We fixed the ‘daemon not running’ bug

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Last night we found a bug that impacted around 1% of our users. It took a while before we could replicated it, because such a small group had the issue. We were able to fix it and the update is now live on Cydia.

Just go to Cydia, it’ll prompt you to upgrade. Do it, and the issue is fixed!

Thanks to Nils Rooijmans, who gave us all de data dumps from his device, Mason and Gary fixing it, and BigBoss for pointing the way for an acceptable package for the repository.

Some cool good Dutch press on iTypeFastR

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

At the time of the launch we got some great press from two major Dutch sites. wrote about it, and loves it. So did , who is very positive, but did have a bit of a learning curve, and is still getting used to position  of the ‘L’ ;-)

Launch at The Next Web

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

We had a great launch today at The Next Web.

It started with Frank Meeuwsen from LifeHacking explaining to a random passer by how great iTypeFastR is, which was amazing.

I was quite happy with my one minute at the stage to announce the launch as well.

Stefan on stage announcing the launch

Stefan on stage announcing the launch

Almost 9000 downloads already!

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Wow, yesterday we put up the app on TheBigBoss, just so the install instructions would work, without the article on the homepage. Within 3 hours or so, we already had 1300 downloads.
When I got up this morning, we were at 6200, and now, after the launch on The Next Web, are at 8800 downloads. Fantastic!

Improvements in version 1.0.6

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Today’s new version (of april 4th) 1.0.6 has the following improvements:

- When hitting the “.” on the WERTY screen and sliding up, the “,” is outputted
this way


- L : 3 pixels more at the bottom (coordinates file only)
because no letter was sometimes outputted when ‘l’ was meant
- b  5 pixels less at the bottom (coordinates files only)
because b and v where typed sometimes when ’space’ was meant
- V  3 pixels less at the bottom (coordinates files only)
because b and v where typed sometimes when ’space’ was meant
- N: 2     pixels less at the bottom (coordinates files only)
because n was typed sometimes when ’space’ was meant
- W & A: decreased the height of the W, added it to the top of the ‘a’.
because ‘w’ was typed sometimes when ‘a’ was meant
- ‘.’ Started the ‘.’ one pixel more to the right
because ‘.’ was typed sometimes when ’space’ was meant

Visual changes:
- better aligned “:-)” in pop up
- better aligned the “‘” pop up as a whole
- better aligned the ’space’ pop-up on the numeric keybaord screen
- highered the position of the “.” in the pop-up, so the change to “,” is better seen when sliding up.

51 Landscape keyboard in iphone 3.0 is nice, iTypeFastR rocks!

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

The news is out about iPhone 3.0 firmware. Great Apple finally supports landscape mode in all apps, but I think iTypeFastR will still kick it’s ass in speed and accuracy. We’ll see soon!

44 Fitt’s law and the iPhone keybaord: how itypefastr fits the law!

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

iPhone keyboard redone according to Gestalt and Fitts’s rules

It turns out my redesign of the iPhone keybaord is correct according to some major User Interface design rules. (But it wasn’t on purpose ;-) ). Last week one of my best friends visited, who is the User Interface lead for a consutancy here (and ex- and Razorfish, he knows what he’s doing!).

I showed him en he immideiately liked it, and explained why he thought it was good:

1. Fitt’s rule
Fitt’s rule says (my summary): the speed of clicking something is a function of the distance between the place the pointer (cursor / finger) is now, and where it needs to go, and the size of the object hat needs to be clicked.

Because the often used keys are much larger with iTypeFastR, on average, the average usage will be much faster.

2. The second rule of Gestalt.
The rules of Gestalt are explained really well on this site. This one means: things that are conceptually grouped should be grouped visually, by keeping them close together, the same colors, or shapes.

in the case of iTypeFastR: the different ‘rows’ of the QWERTY keybaord should be visually linked. Because we played a bit we how we placed them, we helped the grouping with the color: the second row of the keyboard and the row with ’space’ are blue.

My user interface friend also pointed out it would make better sense according to this law, to move the ‘delete’ button from the middel on the right, to the top right. So the position is also away from the normal keys. he liked that i’d made it a different color.

So I can now tell you: according to Gestalt’s second law and Fitts’s law (sometimes also called Fitt’s law or Fitts’ law) iTypeFastR is better then the regular iPhone keyboard!

38 Progress this week (unto sept 18th)

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

It’s been a week of many ups and a few downs.

Downs: Until Sunday I didn’t have much time to work on the project. And the Underlying framework that I currently use was changed again, so it took me some time to get the keyboard to work again on the new version of that.

The ups made it quite a positive week though: thanks to Michiel Berger, who built the mobile twitter interface i got great stats on the frequency of use of non-alphabetic characters.

From more then a million tweets (messages on twitter) i got the data, so great input to build the numeric keyboard.

On Sunday i finally got around to putting some hours in making a lay out for it. Actually, i was able to make the lay out, photoshop it, make the coordinates file, fix my errors, and get it to work!

Still haven’t been able to make a distributable beta-version: I need to find a way to make the APT. Tried some friends of friends who run Debian servers, but no success so far.